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ICM through the eyes of a Fields medalist

Tháng Tám 27, 2010

I just found a wonderful series of reports by Tim Gowers about the ICM. It is both entertaining (not an easy task when one writes about meetings of mathematicians) and highly informative. Thank you very much, Tim !

A word of advice: I laughed so hard sometime I almost fell out of my seat, so be careful and do not hold breakable objects and/or babies while reading this.
We don’t want any lawsuit.

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  1. Gowers is refreshingly honest.

  2. Anon permalink

    The video of Jim Simon and Dennis Sullivan is hilarious. Theirs were probably the best “talks” of this ICM 🙂

  3. Haha permalink

    Incidentally, since I have just discussed Smirnov’s talk, perhaps it is a good moment to discuss a stochastic process that you will know well if you have ever been to an ICM: the process of meeting people you know. I myself, and I expect this behaviour is typical, made very few formal rendezvous (what on earth is the plural of rendezvous? — I mean it to be pronounced RONDAYVOOZ), and instead relied on chance meetings.

    Ha ha, em chỉ băn khoăn các ông Fields medal này có nhất thiết phải giỏi toán không? Chẳng hạn một ông giỏi số học nhưng kém về hình học, liệu có tồn tại??

  4. The plural of rendezvous is meetings :=))

    In today mathematics, I think it is sort of impossible to know all branches.

    In fact, doing math is sort of similar to walking down an infinity binary tree. The deeper you go, you realize that more and more branches you miss, and at the same time what is in front of you is still infinite.

    On the other hand, I would categorize mathematicians by their ways of thinking, rather than by their “formal” education.
    Usually one labels a mathematician by the area of his/her PhD thesis (such as number theory, geometry, topology etc), but this is not a very good way to do it.

    As an example, a certain area in
    number theory can be be closer to a certain area in probability than to another area in number theory.

  5. Leobio permalink

    I found this most hilarious:
    “If you want to show that you have a broad view, then you could also say that Ngo very remarkably used global methods such as Hitchin fibrations to prove a local theorem…..”
    This is an easy task for a layman if he wants to show off to his friends

  6. Nguoi hanoi permalink

    Ôi toán học, nó cao xa quá mà chẳng giúp tôi bớt mối lo cơm áo gạo tiền của thường ngày.

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