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Tháng Tư 24, 2010

has the Spring come !

I just found out that our local church has a wonderful feature.
It has a basketball court. INSIDE the church !! No wonder our neighbors look so deeply
spiritual and surprisingly fit at the same time. (I first thought it had something to do with the water.)

HUSBAND (in low, serious voice): I have lots on my soul lately, honey…
WIFE: Oh, dear, go to our church and pray !
HUSBAND: Yipee !! (Hupp) Halleljuah, Halleljuah…(running to the door, exchanging
high fives with another rushing neighbor who also seems to have lots on his soul, accidentally, at about the same time).


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2 phản hồi
  1. cobedethuong permalink

    Hai chau nha bac day a? Nhin de thuong qua :X

  2. Cam on ban nhieu ! Nhung ma lai xe voi chung no ngoi dang sau thi khong de thuong chut nao.

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